If you are missing on to the Operations and Maintenance (O&M), then you probably need to rethink about the promised results that this system provides you with. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is an integral part of any Rooftop Solar PV System. O&M is responsible to increase the plant's lifetime and maintain efficiency as long as the system works. You might not recognise the importance of efficiency and machine life, but when it comes to safety, it becomes undeniable. Since a RTPV system is an electrical system with both AC and DC components usually at appreciably high voltages, safety also becomes a prime concern for which proper O&M must be performed. By ensuring O&M at appropriate time intervals, one can minimize the losses and increase the energy production from the plant. O&M mainly is for rooftop plants, but some of these are equally applicable to larger ground mounted plants as well.

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  • By setting the tracker to the suggested position, you can get the most accurate results.
  • After sunset, when operating in manual mode, modules must be brought to a stow position which is parallel to the earth. Also, be careful and check safety ropes for damages and immediately replace them when needed.
  • Keeping the controller box locked is a mandatory step that needs to be followed. Let the professionals take charge if the controller or actuator is not working.
  • The only thing every user must be careful about is not to replace any modules with modules of other make or rating and not to open the connections between the modules. The junction box must not be operated by an untrained person as it might cause long term issues and losses.


Before coming to us as a provider, the system also has things to give out apart from the regular action. It provides you with the annual reports & circulation to the user on performance of their power plant. And, even before that, they are provided with the plant performance analysis on a monthly basis.

From our side, REI INFRA gives out all tools & tackles required for cleaning. We are also quick solution makers, if there is any troubleshooting of plant in case of any abnormal behaviour/any breakdown, our representative will reach to the site within 24 hours and the fault should be resolved within 48 hours apart from the issues related to replacement of modules & inverters.

There is also a constant co-ordination with vendors and suppliers for under warranty replacement/ rectification of defects in inverters, PV modules, cables, electrical and mechanical equipment's as well as for any installed parts!